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DRP Reader, Vanishing/Failed Update Apps, and black bar.

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DRP Reader: 

Whenever I try and open .cbz files, I get a pop up saying DRP Reader Failed.


Vanishing Apps:

Twitter vanishes every day and I have to reinstall it at least once a day.


Failed Update:

Nook prompts me to update an app from the nook version to google play, but then says the app is already installed when it tries to update it. This happens with Office Suite Lite.


Black Bar:

The wallpaper no longer fills up the entire screen on the lock screen. Instead, there is a black bar on the bottom.

Categories: App, social, Software
by MSR1701 on ‎05-08-2013 03:11 PM

Same problem with the DRP error, which happens every time I go to open a .CBZ file.  Would appreciate this getting fixed ASAP!

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