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Erratic performance on Nook Color

Status: Open

This primarily occurs on graphic-heavy items such as digital comic books. The page display arbitrarily switches between expanded and full page views, jumps within the expanded page, skips forward or back one or more pages, Additionally, when the page is on expanded view, it occasionally locks into position, so that you cannot hold and drag the image to see another part of the graphic page. This occurs whether the unit is fully discharged or 75% or more discharged, and when the behavior begins, the battery discharge appears to accelerate, so that when this behavior begins to occur, a fully-charged unit may need recharging after one hour of use. A hard reset doesn't appear to help, nor does cleaning the screen. The behavior is inconsistent, but appears to be more frequent if the unit has been in frequent use during a day. The same issue does not occur with text-based products. This is very annoying, and makes the Nook Color almost unusable for my primary purpose.


Categories: screen
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