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Google Play won't work on child's profile on Nook HD+

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I have allowed Google Play in my son's profile and have set the shop up so that a password has to be entered with every purchase. about 6weeks ago the app will not load on his profile. I have purchased several movies and shows for him and now he can't watch them unless he uses my profile. I get a box that says "Google Play has stopped working"  and then I am given the option to close or report. I report everytime, have changed the settings for his profile and nothing has worked. Incredibly frustrating.

#2 if I leave WiFi on while, when I read a book, without fail, everytime my Nook will update and reboot the whole system. When not reading it will also reboot at times, but it happens at least once a day where it restarts the whole system and is not uncommon for it to happen up to 3 or 4 times a day. I called customer support and they gave me the runaround about it and nothing she said made sense. I am highly disappointed in myself for purchasing this since I am unable to even enjoy it.  Any help is fixing these problems is welcome, otherwise I am returning and requesting a full refund, including all purchases made on the device, for the device.

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