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Google Play won't work on child's profile on Nook HD+

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I have allowed Google Play in my son's profile and have set the shop up so that a password has to be entered with every purchase. about 6weeks ago the app will not load on his profile. I have purchased several movies and shows for him and now he can't watch them unless he uses my profile. I get a box that says "Google Play has stopped working"  and then I am given the option to close or report. I report everytime, have changed the settings for his profile and nothing has worked. Incredibly frustrating.

#2 if I leave WiFi on while, when I read a book, without fail, everytime my Nook will update and reboot the whole system. When not reading it will also reboot at times, but it happens at least once a day where it restarts the whole system and is not uncommon for it to happen up to 3 or 4 times a day. I called customer support and they gave me the runaround about it and nothing she said made sense. I am highly disappointed in myself for purchasing this since I am unable to even enjoy it.  Any help is fixing these problems is welcome, otherwise I am returning and requesting a full refund, including all purchases made on the device, for the device.

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by PratchettFans 2 weeks ago



I myself ran into this problem and could find no direct posting anywhere on how to resolve this. So, I extrapolated different pieces to the puzzle based on how Google Play seems to interact with the Nook HD/HD+ and discovered the "fix" on my own. Subway Surfer stopped working on the child profiles after we had to perform a system reset, which caused a great deal of upset as you can imagine. Having read somewhere that Google Play and GP apps run update checks independently from the Nook and that you have to individually turn off updates in GP apps otherwise they can interfere with Nook-based apps, I decided to see if that was the heart of the problem by turning on Google Chrome access for my children's profile. I then accessed Subway Surfer and sure enough, it launched. I then when back into the parental profile and once again turned off the Google Chrome access for the children's profile. Subway Surfer continued to work.


1. Go into parent profile and bring up Profiles list by tapping the profile icon in the upper left of Nook screen.

2. Click Edit Profiles, choose the child profile. 

3. Select Manage Content to ensure the app in question is assigned to that profile.

4. Next select Change Parental Controls and select Use Chrome web browser. Click Done.

5. Go back into profile list and select child's profile. Launch the app in question.

6. Once you have confirmed the app is now running, repeat the previous steps to disable Google Chrome. Go back into child's profile to confirm app still functioning now.

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