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Issues with HD+

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My HD+ is 2 weeks old and for the most part I am liking it.  I have the newest update, it loaded when I registered it.  Anyway, there are a few quirks and outright problem (I think) that I would like to share here and see if there is anything that can be done.


1.  Books that won't leave the wish list if you buy them outside the wish list.  I have seen this issue mentioned in other threads, but I haven't seen a resolution.  The books in the wishlist show a "read" button instead of a "buy" button.  When I go to the info page for the book, there is no wish list icon for me to uncheck.  So my paid for book is stuck in the wish list with no way that I can see to remove it.  It's annoying.


2  Duplicate books appearing without anyway to remove them.  Somehow I have managed to get 2 copies of the Quick Start Guide on my HD+.  Of course, I have no idea what I might have done to do that.  I can't delete either one, they both give the same options, none of which are "delete".  I also have a duplicate book in my wish list, one of the ones I purchased outside the list that now only allow me to read them.  How did that happen? I don't know.


3.  I have discovered some ebooks that are on bn.com that I cannot find on my HD+, no matter how I search.  For example, the author Kris DeLake and her book, Assassins in Love.  I can find it on bn.com website, and I actually have it on my bn.com wish list.  But it does not show up in the HD+ store list, no matter whether I search by the title or the author.


To me, problems 1 and 2 are more an annoyance at this time, but item 3 is disturbing.  It's a problem if I can't trust the store on the HD+ to have the books I want to read show up.  There also appears to be a problem trusting that all pre-orders show up on the HD+.  Until it actually went on sale, the book Alien in the House by Gini Koch did not show on the HD+, even though I could find it on bn.com.  I haven't seen this particular problem posted by users, although I certainly could have missed it.


I hope something can be done for these issues.


Thank you.

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