Location for charging port needs to be moved to top edge rather than bottom edge!

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I am having difficulty recharging my Nook, I believe that the port itself has become loose from the memory board.  I believe this problem could be avoided by moving the port to the top of the Nook instead of the bottom.  I hold the Nook close to me as I would a book which results in stress on the port as I usually continue to read even when my Nook is recharging.  If the port was located at the top edge of the nook instead of the bottom edge it would not be affected when being used while recharging as the cord would not be bent at the plug as it is when the plug is at the bottom and it is used while recharging.

Categories: Cord, Hardware, power
by eaglewomanEP on ‎11-20-2013 08:54 PM

I turn mine upside down or sideways if I am charging while reading, the page will flip accordinly.

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