NST/NSTG: Add option to turn off auto-download

Status: Open

B&N, you may consider this a "suggestion;" I consider it an "issue."


Some of us really like the Nooks, own more than one at this point, and purchase a lot of content.  But that doesn't necessarily mean we want all that content on our NST/NSTG's. 


Here's the issue.  Whenever I turn on the wi-fi on the NST and do a sync, it automatically downloads my last 5-6 purchases whether I want them on the device or not.  And the device doesn't have that much on board memory (it will hold a considerable number of standard epub books; but magazines and certain lengthy non-fiction titles are considerably larger files.)  Yes, I can go through and archive items that I don't want downloaded to the NST (and then unarchive them later on the other device.)  But that's taking away from my reading time, which in turn reduces the B&N purchases.  (The other alternative is that I archive everything on the NST one day, sideload all my content and never turn on the wi-fi again.)


Really hope that you will "fix" this on the NST/NSTG.  At a minimum, please incorporate this into the software for the next e-ink device.

Categories: Books, Software, Wi-Fi
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