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Nook Color - Wishlist not loading

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I haven't been able to view my wishlist for about a week.  At the wishlist screen, the loading circle just keeps twirling and the list does not appear.  I'm using the Nook Color 1.4.3 software.  Any ideas on how to correct the problem?  Also, it would be great to be able to import the wishlist from the Nook Color to the Nook HD.  Thanks!

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by kurleygirl on ‎08-09-2013 09:14 AM

There are several threads out there addressing this same issue and I am going to post this response on every one of them!  I am really pissed about this issue, especially since it has obviously been a problem for a very long time.  Even if B&N won't admit it. 


I had the same problem with my ~1 year old Nook Color about 2 months ago.  I took it into a store, and the employee claimed she had never heard of this problem before.  After great wringing of hands, she said the only solution was to reset the Nook.  I reluctantly agreed; I use the Wishlist to not only show new books I am interested in, but to queue up the next installment of many series I am reading.


After a couple of weeks of FINALLY reassembling my wishlist, my list of internet bookmarks, and my shelves, the Wishlist started acting up again, then finally crapped out.  This time I tried the chat support option.  The support hack I spoke to spent 20 minutes going through all the 'usual' solutions: turn it off then turn it on, turn it off for 10 seconds then turn it on, blah, blah, blah he said that this is a recurring server problem that Tech is 'working on'.  He couldn't say how long they have been working on it, or how long until they expected to solve it.  He said the only thing he could suggest was to reset it and hope they solve the problem before the Wishlist craps out again.  I asked him, if I choose not to reset and live without the Wishlist on the Nook, how would I know when the problem was fixed, he said try it every couple of days!!!  Seems to me this is not a day-to-day problem.


So now I am left using the Nook wishlist online, which is a GREAT pain in the butt, and combined with B&N's policy of advertising 50% off books that aren't actually half their regularly advertised price and crappy deceptive support, wishing I had bought a Kindle.

by dreamxwriter on ‎01-07-2014 07:48 PM

I got my Nook color three years ago, the wishlist not loading has been an on and off issue with mine as well. Every couple of months since I got it it starts acting up again. When I call support or use the live chat support they also try to tell me to reset my Nook which I alaways refuse to do, because I have way too much on my wishlist to have to sit and reassemble the thing every couple of months because of an issue they obviously know about but refuse to fix. Good old Barnes and Noble. They should have stuck with selling physical books rather than jumping in on the whole e-book thing. I've had nothing but problems with my nook and it seems that's the case for just about everyone who owns one. I truly wish I had gone with a Kindle instead and I'm very serioulsy considering getting rid of my nook and buying a kindle and doing any all future business with buying as well as publishing e-books with Amazon rather than Barnes and Noble

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