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Nook for PC-- What Happened?

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Yesterday I purchased my first Nook Book.   But when I went to the B&N Website to download the Nook ap for my PC, I found two options:


Nook for Windows 8

Nook for Browser


Now, I'm fairly sure Nook was around a while before Windows 8.  What happened to the Windows XP / Windows 7 installations?


When I tried to use the Browser version, no matter which browser I used (I tried IE, Firefox and Opera all three) I got the message "Oops!  Can't download to this browser!"


Friendly feedback:   your ducks are wandering all over the place and need to be gotten back in a row.


I had to actually come to this forum and dig into the archives to find a link to the standard PC version of Nook.   My question:  why wasn't that link place right on the Nook software page?


A thought:   When someone buys a Nook Book, it seems to me they're going to want to be able to read it. ; )


If anyone else needs them, here are the links:


Nook for PC: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/download/ereader/ereader-windows.asp


Nook for Mac: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/download/ereader/ereader-mac.asp

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by Wayfinder on ‎06-15-2013 05:51 PM

Well, am starting to get a bit miffed.


I downloaded and installed the application for my XP Pro system.


When I try to "Read Now" or "Download" the book for which I paid... I am told,


"This title currently not available for download for this application. (Download: 2138)"




And when I read the rest of these forums... I find people are having this problem on a regular basis and apparently have for some time.


Hmmm... wonder if Kindle or Google books works better?  I'm betting they do.


by kamas716 on ‎06-15-2013 11:22 PM

not all Nookbooks are compatible with Nook for PC/Mac, never have been.  If it's an enhanced eBook, NookKids title or page perfect book they are less likely to work with the apps.  There's a discussion going on in NookTalk about this and the removal of the NookStudy boards.


Personally, I think B&N is stupid for discontinuing support for apps that work on the vast majority of computers.  But, B&N hasn't really been known for their savvy business sense when it comes to Nook for awhile now.

by on ‎06-15-2013 11:25 PM

Well, Google doesn't have a for PC app, so..


Did you check to see what apps the book was compatible with before buying? If not, you should check now.  It may work with NookStudy (which you can download), or Nook for Web.

by OHBP July

Thank you Wayfinder! The link worked just fine and I was finally able to install to my Windows 8 laptop. 


While my laptop start menu indicated that the nook app was installed, it gave me the error message "Unable to connect to the server. Please try again later."  I was never able to get past this point.  At least you've given us a way to work around the problem.

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