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Purchased item disappeared from Library and Archive

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This weekend, I've been rereading some older books, namely anything by Philippa Gregory. I decided that I wanted to reread 'The Red Queen' earlier, and tried to find it on my Nook HD. Lo and behold, it has disappeared from both of my Nooks, my iPhone app, and my online archive-- it's no where to be found. I'm not sure if I'm missing any other books, right now I'm too angry to even begin to wrack my brain for that information. I know that I purchased that book right after it was released in 2010, and I know that it was on my Nook[s] earlier this year. But because the purchase is so old, I can't find the order number on my account page.


Needless to say, I'm pretty infuriated right now. I'm willing to repurchase, as it's on sale for $6-- but how many more of my ebooks are you going to delete without my knowledge? Am I purchasing these, or is this just a library, and I'm paying to borrow? Stop updating/messing with my library without letting me know!

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by geertm on ‎10-21-2013 03:48 PM

You should always make a backup of you books.

No e-book store can guarantee you will always be able to re-download a copy of your books.

Never trust "the cloud" with the only copy of your digital content!

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