Shelving Bugs - Post .2.06 (plus 2 prior to 2.06)

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With the 2.06 update, you no longer have the abilty to remove a book from a shelf from the " books" section of your library; this option is now only available within individual shelves. This bug greatly impacts one's ability to tell if a book has been shelved or mis-shelved.


Additionally, if you tap on "add a book" , and you determine the book you wanted to shelf was already shelved where you wanted it, there is another bug that won't allow you to tap outside the shelving option box to cancel the shelving action. You are forced to put the book an an improper shelf. Then, because the "remove from shelf" option is no longer available within the main book section, you have to go within a shelf to remove the blasted book. This second bug has been present since the HD line was introduced, but we posters have been negligent in reporting it. This ability to tap outside the shelving option box always worked perfectly on NC and NT.


The final bug with shelving is the loss of the ability to shelve books from a search. This was a feature in NC and NT, and I can't conceive the loss of this ability was intentional. The ability to shelve from a search allowed users to shelve more efficiently.Of course, it could be enhanced by enabling a "shelve all" from a search option.


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With the 2.06 update, the ability to tell how many books are on a shelf has also been lost.

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The inability to tap outside the shelving window to cancel an action while in "books" is limited to the HD only, as there is not sufficient screen space outside the shelving window to allow you to cancel the action.


However, when several HD+ owners posted they were able to back out of the option, I did some further investigating. The inability to cancel the action is ameliorated on the HD model when it is positioned in landscape mode, as more space on both sides of the shelving window is then available. 

by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎02-12-2013 03:21 PM
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