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Shelving Sideloaded Books

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I have almost 3,000 eBooks on my Nook - most of which are comics on a 64GB microSD card. As you might imagine my Books list is massive. When I sideload a new book onto the Nook I have an AWFUL time trying to swipe down the list until I get to it.


1) From the Search Results I can't shelve a book?

2) From the MyFiles->Books I can't shelve a book?


I tried searching for it and opening it. It then appears on my "carosel" on the home page and the list on the bottom of the home page (accessed recently) but neither one of those allow me to shelve it.


The only realistic way to shelve a book is to pull the SD card, shelve it, reinsert the card. This seems a bit antiquated. Di B&N not anticapate thousands of eBook their product or am I missing a key capability.


If anyone has any idea - please help. This is a serious problem.

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by BN_Hemen1 on ‎01-17-2013 12:05 PM
Status changed to: Under Review
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