Shop function in 1E

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Still can't shop from my Nook 1E. It's been several weeks. Are you actually planning to fix this or not?

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by karlpov on ‎12-31-2012 02:56 PM

<p>I've noticed this as well.</p>




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by Wulfraed on ‎01-02-2013 10:16 AM

For many, the "fix" has been to take the unit to a B&N store, and connect to the Shop from there. Something about being in the store seems to shock the unit awake. For mine, the process went:

  • wake up unit in store,
  • get a large "Welcome to 'branch name'" display
  • attempt shop function (which still failed -- note that I have not cycled power yet),
  • power completely off,
  • pop the back and remove battery (needs small screwdriver),
  • (paranoia) hold down the power switch with battery still out (I wanted to discharge an capacitors)
  • re-insert battery,
  • close the case,
  • power on the unit,
  • did not receive the "Welcome to…" page,
  • access the shop successfully

My unit has been functioning since then.

by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎01-03-2013 02:16 PM
Status changed to: Closed
This was recently addressed on our end. However, should you still be experiencing issues please see the fix posted by Wulfraed below. - Alex
by BN_Hemen1 on ‎02-12-2013 04:50 PM
Status changed to: Closed
Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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