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Some apps will "dual install" some apps will replace, and some apps wont install on HD+

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Cannot update Adobe Air to a current version (slight security issue)


Have to load both the google play facebook apps and keep the original nook facebook on the HD+

Cannot update Google Play Music to the Play store version of the app, which allows chromecasting

Also cannot update the nook native twitter to the current Play store version of twitter...


Most other apps will allow you to install *both* versions* or one version (google play) will let you install over certain Nook apps... (facebook and many of the google native apps will let you overinstall)


Ideally i think the nook needs to be refreshed up to a current gen of Android esp with 4.4 allowing performance improvements for lower spec devices.. theres still quite a few glitches in 2.1.1 with menu appearances, touch sensitivity, sync issues,  even after a full factory restore... Also the nook doesnt seem to know how to make icons dissapear that use a registration app.... even with a reboot.. (I.E if you buy certain apps, they are used to verify registration payment and their icons are supposed to vanish from the screen on reboot.. they dont)





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