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TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! - Wrong books opening in all formats

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When opened, 3 of my books open up to completely different authors and stories - on my Nook and PC. I have contacted Customer Service more than several times and I get the same disingenuous response each time -  "the problem lies with the eBook file itself" - while it is great that BN's "Content Team" knows that the problem is with THEIR formatting, they don't fix it!  In the same e-mail they ask for my patience and say it will be fixed within 1-2 weeks. Really? Not true!!

I have been waiting since May 29 to get one of these fixed and it's October 28 now.  I'm tired of waiting and then having to be the one to follow-up with e-mails reminding them there is a problem because they NEVER follow-up.
This is ridiculous. Two of these books are parts of a two different series so it's not just these books that are affected but a total of 7 books.
I've tried to call and been put on hold.  I'm busy, I'm the customer and I should be able to send an e-mail and then get the problem resolved.
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by kamas716 on ‎10-28-2013 10:16 PM

It sounds more like a publisher problem rather than something that B&N can fix.  It will probably not be fixed until the publisher uploads a new version of the eBook. 

by Reader_in_Reno on ‎10-30-2013 12:39 PM

Unfortunately, it is not a publisher issue - BN even admits it's a problem with their format and that their Content Team has to fix it.  I have actually owned these books for several years and read them when originally purchased.  The problem occured when I unarchived them to re-read.


I still have not received a response even though I sent ANOTHER reminder to Customer Service last week.  I even tried to call the main Corporation in New York, got transferred, put on hold and then mysteriously disconnected.

by Bood-n-Guts on ‎10-30-2013 04:50 PM

I assume they've had you archive and then unarchive the titles?

by Reader_in_Reno on ‎10-30-2013 05:06 PM

Yes - I archived, then unarchived them and it's the same wrong book each time.


Customer Service told me to archive them and wait 1-2 weeks so their Content Team could fix the issue.  It's been 5 months - I periodically unarchive them to see if they are fixed and they are not so I end up sending another e-mail to remind them.  Now, BN is not responding and I'm sending e-mails to BN support and Nook support.  Nothing.

by kamas716 on ‎11-02-2013 07:55 AM

I've never heard of B&N manipulating an eBook file they receive from a publisher, though I suppose it could happen. The format that B&N uses is industry standard .epub, and then they put their own DRM scheme on it if required. 


If the problem is the file contains the wrong eBook, it won't get fixed until the publisher uploads a new version of the ebook.  If the problem is it's pointing to the wrong place to pull the file that is B&N's problem and won't get fixed until they figure out where the real file is.


Out of curiousity, what eBooks are you having difficulty with?  Are they all from the same publisher?

by Tim40744 on ‎11-02-2013 11:13 AM

kama716 said:

"I've never heard of B&N manipulating an eBook file they receive from a publisher, though I suppose it could happen. The format that B&N uses is industry standard .epub, and then they put their own DRM scheme on it if required."


No, I've never heard B&N doing that either. Kobo, OTOH, does manipulate files going to their readers (AKA kepubs). IMHO, that's a road to fragmentation. I don't see it as a good thing.

by Reader_in_Reno on ‎11-05-2013 05:23 PM

All 3 books are from the same Publisher, Torquere Press, however I have had them for several years and read them when I first bought them.  The issue came about after unarchiving them.  BN said that is where the issue and their Content Team would have to fix it but they still have not. They are "Trial by Fire" by Sean Michael, "Riding Heartbreak Road" by Kiernan Kelly and "Defining Right" by Kara Larson.  If you try to read them on the preview 'Read Instantly' screen, you will see they pull up completely different books and authors - and none of them are published by Torquere Press.


Seriously, I'm not really even the most upset about the books.  I am really disappointed in BN customer service overall.  They do not want to hear when there is an issue that is not an "easy fix" for them.  Anything other than that and they make it impossible for the customer to get help.  You get put on hold forever, they will not give out direct line #'s or direct e-mails and they simply just do not respond to e-mails that they do not want to.  I have several e-mails to both Nook Customer Support and BN Customer Support that have NO responses - zero, zip, nada. 

by geertm on ‎11-06-2013 12:46 PM

Yet another reason why you should always make a backup of your books!

by Reader_in_Reno on ‎11-07-2013 03:37 PM

It's pretty sad we have to back-up books we archive...


They refunded the 3 books - unfortunately, they refunded the money to the "gift card they were purchased on" - which was 3 years ago and that card is long gone so I have no way to access the money.  Brilliant BN, just brilliant - who saves gift cards for years?   The account page of old order information only gives the last 4 digits so that is no help... It will be interesting to see what resolution they come up with to this one.


Also - there are 6 books that are part of series with 2 of the books they refunded - I expect them to refund those books too since now both stories are missing a large section.  In fact, one of the books they refunded is the first book in the series where they introduced the main characters.  We'll see what BN has to say to that too...

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