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The Nook can't handle Greek words!

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I have downloaded an English-language epub with some Greek words in it and have found that some of the Greek characters are displayed as question-marks.  I have just found on one of the threads on this forum that as long ago as 2010 this serious deficiency was reported!  It ought to have been seen to by now.


People at Nook!  Listen carefully!  English, French, and German, and a number of other European languages are partly derived from Greek!  We all use words derived from Greek words every day!  You cannot afford to let any Greek characters, with or without accent marks, display incorrectly!


For example, if in an English text the etymology or derivation of an English word is discussed it may well be that its root is Greek, and thus the Greek root-word will be given!  It must then, surely, appear perfectly on the Nook.  If not, then the Nook really is below par.  But this is what's happening.  Every Greek word has a stress mark over one of the letters, and at the moment the Nook can't handle such stressed letters.


Before you attend to anything else on the Nook, you need to sort out this fundamental problem.  Research this issue thoroughly.  Many Greek characters appear correctly, but, remember, in every Greek word one character is always accented, to show the correct syllable to be stressed.  The Nook has got to handle this!


At the moment the Nook can handle every Greek letter in a word except the letter that is accented.  The Nook thus replaces that letter with a question mark.

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by Skylark96 on ‎03-19-2014 08:40 AM

Apologies!  Another user has alerted in on another thread to Text Encoding alternatives and from that I have discovered that when I view books containing books with Greek words in my new Nook HD's own "Reader" programme, the problem does not exist.  All Greek words are perfectly reproduced.


But I don't use the latest Nook HD's "Reader".  In so many other respects it is inferior to the excellent "Moon+ Reader Pro", which I love using. 


"Moon+ Reader Pro" may possibly offer some options which will solve the problem with accented letters in Greek words.  Can anyone help.  Is the answer in selecting one of the 40 options under "Text Encoding" in the "Moon+ Reader Pro" settings?  Currently my "Text Encoding" is set to the default, UTF-8.  But I see there are about 40 other alternatives.


Once again, sorry, for blaming the Nook HD.


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