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Twitter keep disappearing from HD+ after 2.1 update

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I have been unable to successfully use Twitter since the 2.1 update.  The app keeps disappearing.  I cannot find it to uninstall.  However, Google Play keeps wanting to update it.  When it is updated, it will appear and function for about 24 hours.  Then it is gone again, even if I don't turn off my HD+.  This is very annoying.  I finally get a Twitter app that I can change the font size, then it will not continue to work.

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by ladydamonayde on ‎12-13-2013 09:19 AM

I'm having similar problems. I don't know if i did the update, but my twitter refused to load, then i had some other problems and had to do a factory reset, an now it just says "twitter has stopped". is there some bug or compatability issue with twitter and the new update? 

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