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Twitter updates

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Whenever updating twitter from to the most recent version via the play store, the update will uninstall after turning on the wifi later and the library syncs.  With the nook version of twitter this is less noticeable since the twitter app version is 4.1.7 and not 4.1.8.  Please fix.

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by ptodd on ‎10-22-2013 01:13 PM

I also have major issues with the twitter app.  Google play wants to update it constantly.  When I try to uninstall and reinstall the B&N version it says it's 4.1.7 and Google Play still tries to update it over and over again, even with the autmoatic updates disabled.  


Someone PLEASE fix this.


It seems to slow my nook down when it's trying to update and I am sure that it is draining my battery trying to download it over and over again.

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