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Unwanted objectionable titles being pushed

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Yesterday 48 NEW pornographic titles (a few examples: Threesome with Daddy, Lesbian Sex, ...) showed up out of the blue of my two nooks. Looks like some sort of advertising. I am extremely annoyed, especially since one of the nooks is used by my young son. Customer support told me that they push what seems to match my interest. None of the books that I purchased in the past even remotely suggest any interest in this type of "literature".  I am not even sure that this practice is legal. For now I deleted them (they show up in the archived section). Tedious work, as they have to be deleted one by one...

Has this happened to anyone else?

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by geertm on ‎09-22-2013 10:12 AM

Except for free classics B&N never pushes books to your Nook, and certainly not pornographic titles, or that kind of number of books.

Login to your account on the B&N website, and take a look at your order history.Someone with access to your account probably ordered those books (or free samples?).

Take a look at your B&N library, each book will mention when it was bought.


by ululi on ‎09-22-2013 03:15 PM

These were not samples. They were in the archived section, and just contained title, brief synopsis and of course an option to buy and download. Online I did not see any information of when the were added to the archived section. I for sure did not browse/search/whatever these titles, my son tells me that he did not do anything "funny" with his, and I am inclined to think that a preteen is not interested in "Lesbian sex" and "Threesome with Daddy 3". So is it possible that my account has been compromised. There has been no unauthorized purchases so far, and these books showed up yesterday for the first time....


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