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The latest software update made my shelves disappear and all of my purchased apps can not be accessed.
by Wulfraed on ‎01-30-2013 10:59 PM
Have you verified that those applications have an [x] in your profile privilege list? It is possible that your profile lost the "access" during the update, but the applications are still on the device.
by Seniram on ‎01-30-2013 11:04 PM

By the way, I am using a Nookhd.

by Seniram on ‎01-31-2013 11:27 AM

I verified my profile privileges and found one more app I could add, however I stll have no access to many others (Fishbowl,  Dolphin browser, some games,etc).  I also seem to have lost some books when my shelves were zapped.  The apps appear to still be on my NookHD as I can see them in the applications settings menu, but not on my applications window.  Very annoying and frustrating.  Any help is appreciated.

by on ‎02-03-2013 09:27 PM

This is an issue that others have had too.


1) Restart your Nook.


Power Off: Press and hold power button for 20 seconds.

Power On: Press and hold power button for 4 seconds.


Now go check Profile Privileges and also Settings and Home Screen SEttings about what is shown.




If this doesn't work, then unfortunately, you'll have to erase and dergister and register again and download everything again.

by Administrator BN_AlexG on ‎02-12-2013 03:23 PM
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