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When will App2SD be supported?

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Since the update that gave us Google Play access (2.06, I think), my son's Nook HD has filled up with apps because we are unable to leverage the SD card to offload apps from primary memory. What is the timeline to provide support for App2SD? I see little sense in having an SD card slot if it can only be used for personal music and other files.


I even went to my local B&N store where the Nook person called Nook Support directly while I stood nearby. It was confirmed that there was no way to do this today - either via app or native software coding, but this phone tech had no idea if an update to permit this was in the pipeline. However, they did note that this was something that was being asked about since Google Play came into the fold.


Related to this, you guys need to do a better job of making your timelines for software changes known - especially since B&N has decided to stop future Nook hardware updates. If you want us to use your ecosystem, you need to be more transparent in a public manner instead of digging through comments here in these forums.

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