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Won't fully turn on

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My Nook HD won't get past the loading part of turning on. It sits on 99%. What can I do to fix it. I've had my Nook since Christmas. My son was playing a game on his profile when it started restarting itself and now it won't turn on. I put it on my charger and it acts like it's going to turn on but never gets past loading to 99%

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by EasyAs123 on ‎08-19-2013 12:37 PM

Check this forum for other "99%" threads. The first time this happened to me, they gave me a new Nook HD+. It happened again yesterday and I'm currently reviewing the posts for other responses.

Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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