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books wil not open from my library

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I have over 300 books on my nook and as many as 25% of them give me this message when I try to open them, "We're working on making this title available on NOOK® for Web. In the meantime, read it on our free NOOK Reading Apps." 1. I do not want to read on my computer 2. Why was I sold a book (many books, actually) that have not been configured to work with my nook? How soom will these issues be fixed as there are many books I'd like to read but cannot because the title is "not available". If you are selling a shirt in a store but the buttons do not work, do you sell the shirt and tell the customer you are working on it? Then why would you sell ,many non-working nooks and tell me you are working on fixing them so I can read them with my Nook? It doesn't make sense.


 Also, I put a $50.00 credit card on my b & N account so I could buy nooks but it does not use my gift card - it pulls payment from my credit card instead. I thought it was supposed to pull payment from gift cards first. Why am I having issues with that as well?


Plwase get back to me as I am getting a bit frustrated with my Nook. Regards, Debra

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by kamas716 on ‎08-26-2013 02:03 PM

Which device do you have?

by Ya_Ya on ‎08-27-2013 10:36 PM

Are you trying to read them via the web browser on your NOOK?  You probably can't.


You need to read them via the native reader on your device.

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