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can not shelve pdfs on my HD+

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The ONLY myfiles content that shows up in the main library book section are those under myfiles/books and these are the only the only content that can be shelved unless they are pdfs. Pdfs do not show up in the main library either.


I recently sideloaded some pdf materials to my HD+, some user manuals, some mags unavailable through BN, and some short tutorials. I can read them on my HD+, but I can't shelve them to keep them where I can easily find them in my library. To get to them in myfiles takes several minutes as there is about a 30 sec lag for each level of the library that is opened before I can see what's in that folder. 


My options for pdfs when I find them are "clear default launcher" or to delete them. ? These aren't the type of materials that cut into BN's profits so I'm not sure why I'm denied the ability to shelve them.


I don't want to convert them to epubs, I prefer to keep them as pdfs as I have found that converting books to epubs works fine, but I don't care to convert photo rich materials to epubs.


I really don't understand why we can not shelve ALL of our sideloaded content as we can our sideloaded books. It makes no sense.



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by BN_Hemen1 on ‎02-12-2013 04:40 PM
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by NookGardener on ‎05-08-2013 08:44 AM

compulsivereader, did you ever get this sorted out? I got it to work, heres the steps.


Go and create your new shelf. You will need to select books/mag/apps as available content.(Doesnt really matter which unless you want content from those in your shelf. You can unselect the category when you are done.)


It seems your pdfs cant be in the download folder and added to a shelf. But if you create another folder (My craft pdfs?) and move the pdfs over there, you do have ability to add them to a shelf. Agree that it doesnt make sense that the option to add downloads to a shelf isnt available (but what do I know.)  Once your done adding the pdfs, go back to the shelf, manage content option. Deselect books( or whatever you used) and you should be left with a shelf of just pdfs.  Its an extra step to move things around, but it is doable. Hope that helps.

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