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This past two weeks, my HD+ has started having problems with my books, both books purchased through BN and my sideloaded books. I'll come back to read after a break and the HD+ has not only lost my place, but will then tell me the book has about a 1/4 the pages that it report prior to my break. I can't use "go to page" because the HD+ thinks there aren't that many pages in the book. I exit the book, try again, sometimes it then works, sometimes I have to reboot to make it work. This has happened to me several times in the last couple of weeks. I am constantly rebooting to fix this. I have rarely ever had to reboot my previous nook devices, but I've had to reboot several times in the past two weeks. I've archived the majority of my ebooks so that I have less that 500 on it at this point so I don't think it's that I have too much on the device. I also removed my sd card last week thinking that would help, but it hasn't.


Can we get the sd issue fixed too?



Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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