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Archive has no back button in 2.0.6

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When you enter the Archive section through the Library on an HD/HD+ there is a nice back arrow at the top left that brings you back to the Library.

e.x I tap Library from the home screen, tap the navigation options in the bottom left corner, and tap View Archive. To go back to the Library I simply tap the back arrow at the top left.


Prior to 2.0.6 the Apps menu had a back arrow that brought you back to the Library. This was removed in the most recent update, but the removal of that back arrow means that when you enter the Archive from the Apps menu there is no way to navigate back.

ex. I tap Apps from the home screen, tap the navigation options in the bottom left corner, and tap View Archive. There is no way to navigate back to the Apps menu aside from going all the way back to the home screen.


Just need that back arrow back when you're viewing the Archive from the Apps menu.


A persistant back navigation would fix all of this as well... Just saying.

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When I look at Library My Files Books I cannot see what the sort order is. And if I switch between Title

and Most Recent there is no difference in the book order. As you might imagine this makes it almost

impossible to find anything.


Yes, I know I can search but searching does not allow shelving.

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My HD+ was updated with newest version of the software 2.0.6 today.

Following the restart, my profile (the only one on the device) could no longer access any Apps.


This happened to me when I updated to 2.0.5, so already an issue known to B&N. WHY AGAIN?!!!


Apps still there, as listed under setttings>applications, but not under library or from the Apps button on home screen.

Accessing edit profiles>manage content>Apps I was able to reinstate access to stock Apps. Not to any of the purchased apps, which weren't listed.

Purchased Apps can be accessed via the hidden apps drawer - go to Apps page & tap the word Apps at the same time as holding down the volume up button.


You surely don't expect me to do this every time I want to use an App?


Deregistering the device will 'bring the Apps back' but I will lose my sideloaded version of Flash, so I am not willing to do that. Being in the UK, no flash in B&N shop for us & most of our key websites (BBC, ITV, Youtube) need Flash. Not to mention having to set up all my login details for 20+ internet accounts yet again.


So a less destructive solution, please.

Thank you.


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I just updated to 2.0.6 and now I can't upload anything to the SD card

using a PC (Win 7 x64). The upload doesn't even start. I can upload to

the main memory fine.


As you might imagine this appears as a serious issue to me.


I have tried removing/reinserting the card, soft reset. Nothing resolves

the issue.

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I have a few comics that once sideloaded and I try to open them, the screen goes black and I find myself

where I was before I tried to open them. I have done a fair amount of experiementation and the closest I can get to a core issue is if the comic has a double-page spread (2 pages in a single jpg file) with double the

resolution of a single page.


The last comic I tried to open that failed had 1600 (horizontal resolution) single pages and 3200 double

page spread. When I removed the double-page spread the comic opened fine.


Now - having a double-page spread is not exactly a new idea with comics so I would "encourage" B&N to

take a look at this issue. And having the double-page interpreted as a single page and displayed as

such would no doubt make it unreadable. No easy solution probably.

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I have almost 3,000 eBooks on my Nook - most of which are comics on a 64GB microSD card. As you might imagine my Books list is massive. When I sideload a new book onto the Nook I have an AWFUL time trying to swipe down the list until I get to it.


1) From the Search Results I can't shelve a book?

2) From the MyFiles->Books I can't shelve a book?


I tried searching for it and opening it. It then appears on my "carosel" on the home page and the list on the bottom of the home page (accessed recently) but neither one of those allow me to shelve it.


The only realistic way to shelve a book is to pull the SD card, shelve it, reinsert the card. This seems a bit antiquated. Di B&N not anticapate thousands of eBook their product or am I missing a key capability.


If anyone has any idea - please help. This is a serious problem.

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