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I have 9 issues to report. I will post them 1 at a time. some may be functionality choices--for whatever reason--, several are security, a couple are complaints, but most are issues.


We have a NookHD, have passcode set for adult profiles and parental controls limit our son to his apps, nothing when I started seeing charges for games and additional apps on my bank statement....that my wife and I didn't pay for--- I started investigating....and when I found that all of the apps I tested from a restricted profile (that disabled SHOP) were allowed to call the function to display the shop screen for the additional software linked or advertised within a game/app...I was shocked...and my son was happy because 2 clicks later he has circumvented the programming expertise of the nook parental profiles.


As a parent I am completely dissapointed.  As a developer I am shocked, and as a consumer, I chose the Nook for 3 specific reasons, one being the profiles/parental controls.   And this issue has been enough for my wife and I to consider demanding a return/refund and to invest in a competing product.


My testing found children's books that advertised another book (and linked to the shop screen for that book would limit the shop screen (showing the details of the book) to allow for a sample only...whereas an application would allow the child to buy it by clicking buy-confirm.


Thank you for addressing this concern. 





Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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