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Credit Card 'dings' with gift card

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What is the plan for fixing the CC dings with I buy an ebook with a gift card?


When I buy a book I understand you hit my CC for a few cents (usually 1 - 4). After acknowledging that the CC is valid it should come off. Instead those pennies are being deducted from my order total and the balance is being charged to my gift card and my CC statement comes with a bunch of 0.01 charges. I'm putting together a spreadsheet with all these charges and this has been going on at least since August of last year, I still have to go back to Feb. 2010.


Yes I have removed and readded both credit cards and gift cards, as was suggested by customer support. She has no other solutions except 'check the account after every purchase and call us when it happens'. That does not sound like a solution but like something is broken.


It used to work so any idea when it will work again?

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