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Battery Issue After Update. - Nook HD

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Posted else where but was told to post here.



I just install the new update a couple of days ago and now my nook HD doesn't seem to hold a charge.  It will pop up that my battery is critically low with no prior warning while actively reading.  Turned off wi-fi thinking maybe that was the issue.  


What I am also noticing is a plug it in.  And within a few minutes I have a charge of 44% or better.  Even when it charges fast it doesn't charge that fast.  So I unplug and within an hour I'm back to critically low.  


I know I'm a heavy user especially while off of work for two weeks but it would go all day even with heavy wi-fi use without going dead.  This morning I unplugged it.  Headed to church.  Had no one in my nursery so I was reading and within 90 minutes getting the critical low battery.  


It seems like the update is either doing something in the background that is killing the battery or that somehow the true battery capacity is no longer being read correctly. 


Anyone else having these issues.  I have the warranty and not sure if I should be calling this in or not.  



The problem is I get no warning just a critically low battery warning.  So I quick turn it off if I'm away from home or plug it in if I'm at home.  Then suddenly has has 50% battery so clearly the battery isn't drained it just is having some weird glitch.  Last night I read my nook for several hours in a row just like in the past, plugged it in before bed.  Got up this morning, unplugged, and in 51 minutes I got the ciritical battery warning.  I plugged it in and then looked at the battery usage in settings and I had 49% battery.  I'm very frustrated with this update.  


Also have some glitchy stuff with a couple of apps.  Try to open File Digger and Overdrive opens.  


Hope it gets reupdated soon because you can't take it back to before the update.  

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I am having difficulty recharging my Nook, I believe that the port itself has become loose from the memory board.  I believe this problem could be avoided by moving the port to the top of the Nook instead of the bottom.  I hold the Nook close to me as I would a book which results in stress on the port as I usually continue to read even when my Nook is recharging.  If the port was located at the top edge of the nook instead of the bottom edge it would not be affected when being used while recharging as the cord would not be bent at the plug as it is when the plug is at the bottom and it is used while recharging.

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I just have been frustrated with my Barns & Noble Nook HD, it doesnot seem to stay charged and it charges very slowly why I have no idea, this began about a week ago and I have been trying my best to get it to work properly. At first it didn't want to charge at all but I kept fiddling with it and it renewed itself to factory built but still isn't working good so I need to have it replaced as I have a 'Two Year Plan'. Does anyone know just how I am to go about getting it replaced?


Kimberly McCreary


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I have a Nook HD that locks up from time to time- once I able to do a hard shutdown and restart, I notice there are massive amounts of junk dowloads- one time it numbered over 100, this current time I stopped it at 75. They are not Nook based- each file is marked with random alpha-numeric codes followed by (dot)AndroidCoverMedium_Aspect.


One example is 01Q007CsPEOdi36lupS7UA.AndroidCoverMedium_Aspect. No two are the same- all random in the format described. In order to remove them, I have to delete each one individually. Is the Nook HD susceptible to a virus or uninvited file downloads?  Not real confident in hooking the device up to a computer at this point- cannot find anything on Android forums describing this. Please advise.

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New Glowlight Issues

Status: Open

I purchased a Glowlight less than two weeks ago.  I love the features and functions but after less than a week I had an issue where the screen would blink, then when it came back on it had forwarded to a random page in the book I was reading and would not go back.  It would turn pages forward but not back and you could not get the menu to come up by touching the center portion of the screen.  It also would not turn off or go to the screen saver when pressing either the home button or the power button.  After trying everything I took it back to my local store where the "expert" did not believe this was happening.  He also tried everything including factory reset and it did the same thing for him, so they reluctantly replaced it.  That was 5 days ago and now the new one is doing exactly the same thing.  This time I was able to get to the factory reset screen, cancel the factory reset and get back to a place in the book that is about 20 pages behind where I actually was when the screen blinked but at least it seems to be working for now.  Any idea what is going on? 

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I sideloaded an HTML file recently that I had converted into EPUB format with Calibre and there was now a space between each paragraph. If I turn on Publisher Default the space disappears. I haven't sideloaded any converted eBooks since the 2.1 update so I can't say exactly when this change occurred. All of the hundreds of converted eBooks I had sideloaded prior to 2.1 are still fine - none of them have a space between each paragraph. In fact if I sideload an eBook identical to one sideloaded previously it now has a space and the original (identical) does not. This behavior is identical to what browsers do with the original HTML, i.e. they put a space between each paragraph. They also don't indent but thankfully the Nook does (for now anyway). This may appear trivial but once Publisher Default is turned on one can't change ANYTHING. Not background color, font, etc. Oh - and I'm not a pirate. There ARE free eBooks out there but they need edited and converted. Gutenberg is one such site.
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I have had my nook for just over two years now, with relatively few problems. However, a couple days ago, my nook froze as it was syncing with my computer and has not responded at all since. It is not responding to any buttons or being plugged in. Does anyone know of anything I can do to save it????

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I have a Nook Simple Touch less than one year old. The Quick Nav button (raised "n") has stopped working. Device is fully charged and I rebooted. The button is not stuck; it just doesn't respond when I press it. I can only wake up the Nook by lightly pressing the power button on the back but I cannot access my library or the Quick Nav menu

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Welcome to the NOOK Issue Reporting exchange. Post your issue and come back later to check its status, as well as commentary from myself and BN developers. - Alex
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