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Initially I was happy with this player - until I didn't use it for more than a day. It then (apparently) shut itself

off and I lost my position in the 2 hour recorded radio program I was listening too. This is bad enough with

music but an absolute deal breaker with audio books My $30 MP3 player does a better job of maintaining

its position between sessions.


This needs fixed. Believe me - not everyone listens to their music one song at a time in shuffle mode.

Some of us are a little more serious about it and there ARE those who would like to listen to audio books

without keeping a dairy.


Is there a MP3 app for the Nook HD+ that maintains position in what is being played - no matter the length

of time between sessionsor do I have to pull out my $30 MP3 Player everytime I pick up my $300 Nook??



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