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Shelving Bugs - Post .2.06 (plus 2 prior to 2.06)

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With the 2.06 update, you no longer have the abilty to remove a book from a shelf from the " books" section of your library; this option is now only available within individual shelves. This bug greatly impacts one's ability to tell if a book has been shelved or mis-shelved.


Additionally, if you tap on "add a book" , and you determine the book you wanted to shelf was already shelved where you wanted it, there is another bug that won't allow you to tap outside the shelving option box to cancel the shelving action. You are forced to put the book an an improper shelf. Then, because the "remove from shelf" option is no longer available within the main book section, you have to go within a shelf to remove the blasted book. This second bug has been present since the HD line was introduced, but we posters have been negligent in reporting it. This ability to tap outside the shelving option box always worked perfectly on NC and NT.


The final bug with shelving is the loss of the ability to shelve books from a search. This was a feature in NC and NT, and I can't conceive the loss of this ability was intentional. The ability to shelve from a search allowed users to shelve more efficiently.Of course, it could be enhanced by enabling a "shelve all" from a search option.


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The ONLY myfiles content that shows up in the main library book section are those under myfiles/books and these are the only the only content that can be shelved unless they are pdfs. Pdfs do not show up in the main library either.


I recently sideloaded some pdf materials to my HD+, some user manuals, some mags unavailable through BN, and some short tutorials. I can read them on my HD+, but I can't shelve them to keep them where I can easily find them in my library. To get to them in myfiles takes several minutes as there is about a 30 sec lag for each level of the library that is opened before I can see what's in that folder. 


My options for pdfs when I find them are "clear default launcher" or to delete them. ? These aren't the type of materials that cut into BN's profits so I'm not sure why I'm denied the ability to shelve them.


I don't want to convert them to epubs, I prefer to keep them as pdfs as I have found that converting books to epubs works fine, but I don't care to convert photo rich materials to epubs.


I really don't understand why we can not shelve ALL of our sideloaded content as we can our sideloaded books. It makes no sense.



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I have almost 3,000 eBooks on my Nook - most of which are comics on a 64GB microSD card. As you might imagine my Books list is massive. When I sideload a new book onto the Nook I have an AWFUL time trying to swipe down the list until I get to it.


1) From the Search Results I can't shelve a book?

2) From the MyFiles->Books I can't shelve a book?


I tried searching for it and opening it. It then appears on my "carosel" on the home page and the list on the bottom of the home page (accessed recently) but neither one of those allow me to shelve it.


The only realistic way to shelve a book is to pull the SD card, shelve it, reinsert the card. This seems a bit antiquated. Di B&N not anticapate thousands of eBook their product or am I missing a key capability.


If anyone has any idea - please help. This is a serious problem.

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