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NST/NSTG: Add option to turn off auto-download

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B&N, you may consider this a "suggestion;" I consider it an "issue."


Some of us really like the Nooks, own more than one at this point, and purchase a lot of content.  But that doesn't necessarily mean we want all that content on our NST/NSTG's. 


Here's the issue.  Whenever I turn on the wi-fi on the NST and do a sync, it automatically downloads my last 5-6 purchases whether I want them on the device or not.  And the device doesn't have that much on board memory (it will hold a considerable number of standard epub books; but magazines and certain lengthy non-fiction titles are considerably larger files.)  Yes, I can go through and archive items that I don't want downloaded to the NST (and then unarchive them later on the other device.)  But that's taking away from my reading time, which in turn reduces the B&N purchases.  (The other alternative is that I archive everything on the NST one day, sideload all my content and never turn on the wi-fi again.)


Really hope that you will "fix" this on the NST/NSTG.  At a minimum, please incorporate this into the software for the next e-ink device.

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The new update has completely degraded the audio quality of streamed Bluetooth music such that the nook HD is no longer suitable to this task.  The audio quality used to be fine--though it was not as good as a wired connection, it still worked well. Now the sound is as if it is underwater.


This is not strictly a BN thing, lots of andriod users report this on 4.2 phones.  However, since the problem is well documented and a fix is readily available on the net, this probably did not need to happen.


The problem appears to be excessive bit reduction in the audio data.  The result is a loss of signal at the high end and an excess amount of bass.  Simple EQ cannot compensate for this since you cannot get the lost data back. The reduction in data is fine when using bluetooth for phone calls, where you want to cut out the high end and increase the bass.  (Talk radio uses the same filtering to make the people speaking more understandable.) But this filtering is devistating to music.  This compression algoritm should never be used on a nook, which cannot even be used to make phone calls.


The fixes out there do seem to work but require rooting.  I hope we get a patch soon that addresses this so I can avoid rooting my device.

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Saturday 3/29/14 I was trying to download a book directly from the store on my nook simple touch when I realized my nook wasn't connecting to the WiFi. The last time I downloaded a book successfully was Friday 3/28/14. So I figured no big deal I will just manually download the book onto my computer then onto my Nook. That didn't work either since I couldn't get the book to download onto my computer. Got in touch with customer service who tell me they are performing system maintenance which was affecting both downloads and WiFi and to try back later. Still have not been able to get it to connect to the WiFi or get books to download to my computer, however I can now get them to download to my phone and iPad which wasn't working on Saturday. Any ideas? As of right now my Nook is completely useless unless reading previously bought and downloaded books.

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A few months ago I was charging my nook but suddenly my nook went into factory reset. I lost all my books on my ereader though they are still in my account. Everywhere I take my tablet I get the same message "check wifi connectivity". On the top right of my tablet the wifi icon is now grey instead of green and under network settings it says that wifi is on.  I've used wifi in several places (friends and family) but I can't get my books back. How do I get them back?

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I just got a NT its been working good until today. I went to open one of my apps that requires wi-fi and it said I wasn't connected so I went to my settings to connect. It then showed no networks not even B&N so I went to add a network. I put all the info in and pressed save but it didn't save or add the network. I haven't got the MAC filtering pop up yet, but it does say that my MAC address is unavailable. What do I do?

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I have the nook tablet and it worked great.  About a month or so ago I started having problems when connected to Wi-Fi.  Works great when its turned off.  No problems reading books or any non Wi-Fi needed apps.  But when I turn on Wi-Fi its fine for a few minutes then it starts to "wig out". It just randomly starts opening pages. Then it will say "battery critically low" even if its fully charged then just turn off.  Once I turn Wi-Fi back off its fine again.  Any suggestions?

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