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When an app updates, the shortcut disappears from my HD+ home screen and has to be manually reinstated.  

This does not happen with my android phone - following updates the shortcuts still remain intact.

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2.1 Update Can no longer read Comics

Status: Closed

Many are reporting "DRP Reader Failed" error message while trying to read cbz files.

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The update to permit use of the Play store is a really good idea (it addresses my earlier Calibre Companion suggestion, for instance) but there are some issues.


For many customers the Article View feature in the stock browser was very helpful.  Also, there was decent Flash support in that browser, which is now missing.


The stock browser is still in the /system/app folder, and the bookmarks from it are still on the device, but the program seems to have been hidden from the operating system.  


Please reenable the stock browser for 2.1 customers.  Many prefer that Article View display to the alternatives and need Flash support. 

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Please add page numbers back to the NST/G table of contents.

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Disappearing shelves on HD's and HD+

Status: Closed

Many posters are heaving difficulty with losing shelves.


One one of the two occasions I lost my shelves (prior to 2.05), it occurred when I used Open Explorer to delect a.doc file I had converted (on the HD) from a .pdf file (using the Office app). I was not hooked up to the computer at the time.  Simultaneously, the HD accessed my SD card, even though the file was stored on internal memory.At the time, I thought there might be an issue with either Open Explorer or the Office app, as I was able to recreate it 3 times.


On the other occasion, I was hooked up to the computer like both Compulsive and Juniona,  and deleted a corrupted book I had just sideloaded through Calibre; on that occasion, I thought the issue might have been my fault because I may have deleted before I actually closed out the ebook.  Again, although all my sideloaded books were on internal memory, the HD tried to access the SD card right before the shelves disappeared.


5ivedom also lost shelves when deleting a scrapbook while connected from the computer. I know  Juniona's books were on her SD card; were yours Compulsive?


Others have reported losing shelves when adding a child profile.


It almost seems as if the HD gets mixed up regarding which drive to access in these situations.


Some have also reported losing shelves when turning the HD off and restarting; I'd be curious to know what occurred right before the shutdown and restart. For those reporters, at least one did not have an SD card installed.

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Still can't shop from my Nook 1E. It's been several weeks. Are you actually planning to fix this or not?

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Credit Card 'dings' with gift card

Status: Closed

What is the plan for fixing the CC dings with I buy an ebook with a gift card?


When I buy a book I understand you hit my CC for a few cents (usually 1 - 4). After acknowledging that the CC is valid it should come off. Instead those pennies are being deducted from my order total and the balance is being charged to my gift card and my CC statement comes with a bunch of 0.01 charges. I'm putting together a spreadsheet with all these charges and this has been going on at least since August of last year, I still have to go back to Feb. 2010.


Yes I have removed and readded both credit cards and gift cards, as was suggested by customer support. She has no other solutions except 'check the account after every purchase and call us when it happens'. That does not sound like a solution but like something is broken.


It used to work so any idea when it will work again?

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Don't know if this is the right place or not..but the Nook Talk Board seems to have misplaced the last few months of messages. At least that's what is showing both on my pc and my Nook. Last dated message is in Nov of 2012.


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