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Battery Issue After Update. - Nook HD

Status: Under Review

Posted else where but was told to post here.



I just install the new update a couple of days ago and now my nook HD doesn't seem to hold a charge.  It will pop up that my battery is critically low with no prior warning while actively reading.  Turned off wi-fi thinking maybe that was the issue.  


What I am also noticing is a plug it in.  And within a few minutes I have a charge of 44% or better.  Even when it charges fast it doesn't charge that fast.  So I unplug and within an hour I'm back to critically low.  


I know I'm a heavy user especially while off of work for two weeks but it would go all day even with heavy wi-fi use without going dead.  This morning I unplugged it.  Headed to church.  Had no one in my nursery so I was reading and within 90 minutes getting the critical low battery.  


It seems like the update is either doing something in the background that is killing the battery or that somehow the true battery capacity is no longer being read correctly. 


Anyone else having these issues.  I have the warranty and not sure if I should be calling this in or not.  



The problem is I get no warning just a critically low battery warning.  So I quick turn it off if I'm away from home or plug it in if I'm at home.  Then suddenly has has 50% battery so clearly the battery isn't drained it just is having some weird glitch.  Last night I read my nook for several hours in a row just like in the past, plugged it in before bed.  Got up this morning, unplugged, and in 51 minutes I got the ciritical battery warning.  I plugged it in and then looked at the battery usage in settings and I had 49% battery.  I'm very frustrated with this update.  


Also have some glitchy stuff with a couple of apps.  Try to open File Digger and Overdrive opens.  


Hope it gets reupdated soon because you can't take it back to before the update.  

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Website Nookbook Wishlist

Status: Under Review

The Nookbook wishlist on the website still isn't working properly.  The only way I can see books I've added after January 2012 is to sort by date and then sort by date again.  It's been this way since it was "fixed" earlier this year.

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Really, B&N???  What am I supposed to do with this number now that I have it?  Or am I supposed to be somehow happy that I have a 13-digit number, suitable for framing?


For anyone who hasn't gotten one yet, you can get it here:


As for what to do with it once you get it, we can all wait with bated breath.

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It seems that creating a highlight in the "off white" theme (bottom left selection) will end up in the highlight not showing on the screen.  Also, when creating a highlight in any theme and then switching to another theme, then the highlight will disappear also.


The highlight just does not appear on screen.  It does show in the Content listing, and if you tap on a phrase you know is highlighted it will bring up the menu to remove/add note/change color.


Current workaround is to just not use "off white" or not switch themes but I would assume it should just work   :smileyhappy:



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Number of books on each shelf gone since 2.06 update

Status: Under Review

Since the update, when you open a shelf,it no longer shows how many books have been placed on that shelf. I own an NST and an HD, and with the loss of this feature, there is no longer any mechanism to sync my shelves between devices, especially as the 2 devices alphabetize books slightly differently.

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Not exactly a NOOK issue, but effecting NOOK owners and shoppers. website seems to be having problems rendering book detail pages at this time.


You can go to a main browsing page, like:


but, if you try to click to get more details, you get a page with the message:


We are sorry...

The page you requested cannot be found. Please check the URL and try again or click here to continue shopping.


Other user reporting this in thread:


I am using Firefox browser version 6.0.1

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Shelving Bugs - Post .2.06 (plus 2 prior to 2.06)

Status: Under Review

With the 2.06 update, you no longer have the abilty to remove a book from a shelf from the " books" section of your library; this option is now only available within individual shelves. This bug greatly impacts one's ability to tell if a book has been shelved or mis-shelved.


Additionally, if you tap on "add a book" , and you determine the book you wanted to shelf was already shelved where you wanted it, there is another bug that won't allow you to tap outside the shelving option box to cancel the shelving action. You are forced to put the book an an improper shelf. Then, because the "remove from shelf" option is no longer available within the main book section, you have to go within a shelf to remove the blasted book. This second bug has been present since the HD line was introduced, but we posters have been negligent in reporting it. This ability to tap outside the shelving option box always worked perfectly on NC and NT.


The final bug with shelving is the loss of the ability to shelve books from a search. This was a feature in NC and NT, and I can't conceive the loss of this ability was intentional. The ability to shelve from a search allowed users to shelve more efficiently.Of course, it could be enhanced by enabling a "shelve all" from a search option.


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My HD+ was updated with newest version of the software 2.0.6 today.

Following the restart, my profile (the only one on the device) could no longer access any Apps.


This happened to me when I updated to 2.0.5, so already an issue known to B&N. WHY AGAIN?!!!


Apps still there, as listed under setttings>applications, but not under library or from the Apps button on home screen.

Accessing edit profiles>manage content>Apps I was able to reinstate access to stock Apps. Not to any of the purchased apps, which weren't listed.

Purchased Apps can be accessed via the hidden apps drawer - go to Apps page & tap the word Apps at the same time as holding down the volume up button.


You surely don't expect me to do this every time I want to use an App?


Deregistering the device will 'bring the Apps back' but I will lose my sideloaded version of Flash, so I am not willing to do that. Being in the UK, no flash in B&N shop for us & most of our key websites (BBC, ITV, Youtube) need Flash. Not to mention having to set up all my login details for 20+ internet accounts yet again.


So a less destructive solution, please.

Thank you.


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(Hope this is not a duplicate -- I spent 15-20 minutes entering text using the HD+ but it seems to have gotten lost when using the [post] button)


The 2.0.6 HD/+ update activated the widget capability and supplied a set of stock widgets.


The only one that caught my interest is the one that displays a summary of the calendar.


Unfortunately, the Calendar application itself is still unusable in stand-alone mode. Not everyone has access to a corporate Exchange Server account or the equivalent!


Please consider updating the Calendar application so that it can be used as a personal appointment/schedule book without needing to be linked to some third-party server application. Even my decade old WinCE PDA has a stand-alone calendar capability!


Alternatively, B&N should provide a compatible calendar server, linked to one's B&N Nook account credentials, as a free feature to go along with the stock calendar application. It might even be possible to use the Friends list for purposes of sharing schedules with others.


Note that I do not ask that the Nook be capable of synchronizing with a (non-Exchange) desktop Outlook (calendar and contacts) though that would be nice... The cross platform design just seems more than one could expect (unless M$ themselves provide the synchronization utility).


I only ask that the calendar application itself be made to run in stand-alone mode for those of us without an external server in the loop.

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The current sorting & send to the cloud options for viewing the HD+ library is very cumbersome.  The NC's was way better and this isn't saying much for a brand new ICS based system.


I would like to see several options added to the sort... besides single sort option of by recent, or by title , or by author consider letting the HD+ library have an option that would display the by Author by Title on separate "shelves" like it did in the Nook Color as a wee bit faster option to look up a book.  The best would be to have an option to view by title or author by an alphabetic list that would take you to the items that start with that "letter". 


I would also like to be to view the library without the in the cloud items showing.. The options on the library viewing has look at archive ... have the sent to cloud only display on the archive screen.  Also on the HD+ since the 2.0.5 update I can go to manage my archived items but "redownloading to the device" is no longer an option!!!  I have to either unarchive the book via my old NookColor and/or log into my account via a PC and unarchive it so I can get an archived item back on my Device.. Please fix this!!

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Highlights changing color on HD+

Status: Under Review

Last night I was highlighting text in a book I have been reading.  I change my highlights to yellow.  After an hour, I closed out.  I opened the book on my HD+ this am to continue and everything I highlighted last night changed to red or black.  Anything previous to last night was still yellow.  I continued reading and highlighting this am in yellow.  Highlights appeared to be yellow.  At lunch time at work on I went on Nook for PC and opened the book.  Same deal with last nights highlights- red or black. Also the stuff I highlighted this am was red.


Also, this am, if I tried to remove the highlights from the HD+, the reader froze up.


Any ideas why this is happening?

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HD+ - Library, My Files - Sorting by Title is broken

Status: Under Review

If you go to Library, then My Files, and select the ">" sign to the right, you see the list of folders that are currently on the device.  But if you try to use the "Sort by Title" feature (bottom left hand side, second from the left), the order never changes.  Oldest folder is always first, most recent is always at the bottom.  Makes no sense.  And makes it difficult to find things.  Please look into this.  Thanks!

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When I touch a link or app, most of the time it takes 2 or 3 taps before the Nook recognizes it. I do have a screen protector in place and it is the anti glare fron B&N.
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This is a repost from another group. It was suggeted I post it here.


With the latest NST software release, there was more emphasis on this feature.


Problem is, it's mis-identifying books in a disastrous, inappropriate, and offensive way.


My teen daughter (also a NOOK owner and Facebook friend) grew up reading the Warriors series by Erin Hunter and liked it on her FB page. When this translated over to her "activities", it shows up as this book: Warriors by Cain Berlinger. This is erotica, I believe of the gay male variety (based on the description).

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Page 6 of the quick start guide shows device/cloud buttons on the top of the screen. I am running firmware 2.05 and do not see these buttons. My books view in the library shows all my books (1805). The books that have been downloaded to my device are missing the download arrow. There is no easy way for me to see only the books I have downloaded to my device. If there is something I am missing please let me know.


Categories: Library display

I just bought the book Imager:


According to the product details, the book has 488 pages. I know that the nook version will sometimes show different numbers of pages depening on font and text sizes etc, but on both my simple touch and on the pc reader app, it shows this book as having 1339 pages, and when I hit the next page button the "current page" indicator will skip up by sometimes as much as 3 or 4 pages.

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Initially I was happy with this player - until I didn't use it for more than a day. It then (apparently) shut itself

off and I lost my position in the 2 hour recorded radio program I was listening too. This is bad enough with

music but an absolute deal breaker with audio books My $30 MP3 player does a better job of maintaining

its position between sessions.


This needs fixed. Believe me - not everyone listens to their music one song at a time in shuffle mode.

Some of us are a little more serious about it and there ARE those who would like to listen to audio books

without keeping a dairy.


Is there a MP3 app for the Nook HD+ that maintains position in what is being played - no matter the length

of time between sessionsor do I have to pull out my $30 MP3 Player everytime I pick up my $300 Nook??



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My Simple Touch screen broke after 3 months of use; I was told by the customer service agent in Bangalore that B & N does not replace broken screens (unlike Amazon, which replaces broken Kindles immediately.) Please submit photos of your broken Nook to Instagram and use the hashtag #nookfail. Let's see if we can shame B&N into supporting their products.

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This book will not download to a Nook HD+ - it gets to 100% and then starts over.... The issue has been reported and verified but not fixed. How long is it reasonable to wait for a fix before getting a refund?

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B&N overcharged my gift cards, again.. On April 19, gift card XXX1125 had $23.44 and gift card XXXX4796 (which was loaded in 4/18) had $25. I then purchased 4 nook books prices were: $14.99, $7.99, $.099, $7.99. $1.99. The total purchase was .$33.95.  I should have a balance of $14.49 remaining, and currently I show no gift cards and a balance of $0.  I called immediately to customer service on 4/19.  It has now been 2 weeks and still no resolution.  This is at least the third time this has happened to me. Twice with preordering as B&N will 'reserve' the amount of the preorder and supposedly when the book finally delivers it will 'release' any over charges.  When I figured out what was happening the first time was over 3 months old and customer service said it was too late. The second time after I started to call daily, I finally received my funds back, but I had the gift card still showing a balance even though incorrect. Now, I show no gift cards, but since I was watching so closely, I know exactly what my balance should be. I guess I will need to start calling daily again. Luckily, I have the full gift card numbers this time.



I am really nervous if my credit card has been treated the same way. 

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It works in other forums, just can't do it here. I'm not on my Nook at the moment,  but the issues in this forum are very relevant to me as a NE1, NST, NC and HD+ owner.


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I updated to the current 2.06 and email and Web apps disappeared. Ebooks, movies, magazines, and apps disappeared and/or were no longer accessible. So learning from experience, I deregistered and went through the whole set up again, only now I cannot add more than one email. I can add Gmail, but through calendar app settings, but gets weird asking for server name with yahoo and Microsoft emails. I'm really starting to dread these updates.
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The most current version of Netflix does not work on a nook tablet.

Status: Under Review

Several people have reported netflix loading to a grey screen on the most current version for the nook tablet.   They've also been told that Netflix says it is a problem with B&N.


I'm sure B&N will say it is a problem with Netflix.


They need to get their developers on the line with each other to work out the bugs.


A soft reset does not work, nor does a hard reset to resolve the issue.



Please look into getting netflix working on the nook tablets again.

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The ONLY myfiles content that shows up in the main library book section are those under myfiles/books and these are the only the only content that can be shelved unless they are pdfs. Pdfs do not show up in the main library either.


I recently sideloaded some pdf materials to my HD+, some user manuals, some mags unavailable through BN, and some short tutorials. I can read them on my HD+, but I can't shelve them to keep them where I can easily find them in my library. To get to them in myfiles takes several minutes as there is about a 30 sec lag for each level of the library that is opened before I can see what's in that folder. 


My options for pdfs when I find them are "clear default launcher" or to delete them. ? These aren't the type of materials that cut into BN's profits so I'm not sure why I'm denied the ability to shelve them.


I don't want to convert them to epubs, I prefer to keep them as pdfs as I have found that converting books to epubs works fine, but I don't care to convert photo rich materials to epubs.


I really don't understand why we can not shelve ALL of our sideloaded content as we can our sideloaded books. It makes no sense.



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This past two weeks, my HD+ has started having problems with my books, both books purchased through BN and my sideloaded books. I'll come back to read after a break and the HD+ has not only lost my place, but will then tell me the book has about a 1/4 the pages that it report prior to my break. I can't use "go to page" because the HD+ thinks there aren't that many pages in the book. I exit the book, try again, sometimes it then works, sometimes I have to reboot to make it work. This has happened to me several times in the last couple of weeks. I am constantly rebooting to fix this. I have rarely ever had to reboot my previous nook devices, but I've had to reboot several times in the past two weeks. I've archived the majority of my ebooks so that I have less that 500 on it at this point so I don't think it's that I have too much on the device. I also removed my sd card last week thinking that would help, but it hasn't.


Can we get the sd issue fixed too?



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Trouble viewing magazine

Status: Under Review

Not sure I am posting in the right place but here goes. I am unable to view the January 28, 2013 issue of People magazine. Every time I try to view the magazine I get the error message: "Unfortunately WWReader has stopped working." I have tried archiving and unarchiving and restarted my Nook. I am able to open my other magazines so I am thinking it is an issue with the file itself. Not sure where how to proceed from here. Thanks!

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I have a few comics that once sideloaded and I try to open them, the screen goes black and I find myself

where I was before I tried to open them. I have done a fair amount of experiementation and the closest I can get to a core issue is if the comic has a double-page spread (2 pages in a single jpg file) with double the

resolution of a single page.


The last comic I tried to open that failed had 1600 (horizontal resolution) single pages and 3200 double

page spread. When I removed the double-page spread the comic opened fine.


Now - having a double-page spread is not exactly a new idea with comics so I would "encourage" B&N to

take a look at this issue. And having the double-page interpreted as a single page and displayed as

such would no doubt make it unreadable. No easy solution probably.

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I have almost 3,000 eBooks on my Nook - most of which are comics on a 64GB microSD card. As you might imagine my Books list is massive. When I sideload a new book onto the Nook I have an AWFUL time trying to swipe down the list until I get to it.


1) From the Search Results I can't shelve a book?

2) From the MyFiles->Books I can't shelve a book?


I tried searching for it and opening it. It then appears on my "carosel" on the home page and the list on the bottom of the home page (accessed recently) but neither one of those allow me to shelve it.


The only realistic way to shelve a book is to pull the SD card, shelve it, reinsert the card. This seems a bit antiquated. Di B&N not anticapate thousands of eBook their product or am I missing a key capability.


If anyone has any idea - please help. This is a serious problem.

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We have used the white-space:nowrap; attribute for a couple years in epub and mobi formats. Basically we are wrapping a single word that we don;'t want the reader to wrap becasue they break it incorrectly.


An example



<p><span class="nowrap">This</span> is a stupid eaxample of why we would use the white-space:nowrap; attribute in the text within a paragraph tag. </p>
span.nowrap {


In all the epub readers but the Nook, and in the Nook prior to the latest software update in Oct/Nov time frame this displays fine.  Now in the current Nook the entire <p> acts like it has the nowrap attribute and most of the text falls of the right side. The <p> turns into a one line element!


The oddity is that this only happens if the tag with the nowrap attribute accurs first in the parent <p> or <div> 


this will not have the bug, notice the character 'T' before the <span> tag.


<p>T<span class="nowrap">his</span> is a stupid eaxample of why we would use the white-space:nowrap; attribute in the text within a paragraph tag. </p>




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I was extremely surprised at the size of the update file for the 1.2.1 Software Version update. A 115MB file for a device that only has 256MB? Does this mean I have to keep 120MB or more free for futures updates?

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(I am using a 32GB scandisc class4 micro SD card as recommended.)


Ghost picture, song and video files can appear in the built in Gallery and Music Player apps. These are duplicate copies of songs, pictures and videos stored on an SD card that won't play. 

Music - if you tap on a ghost, the device skips to the first music file it can play in that album or 'sorry the player does not support this type of audio file' message if whole album is a ghost;

Photo - Gallery shows two or three thumbs of the same photos and blank spaces - you may only see a scattering of pictures interspersed with blank spaces rather than the more usual solid grid of thumbnails. When you click onto a photo to view in full screen, the bar at the bottom of the device shows gaps in the thumbs available for viewing and if you swipe the screen to move to the next photo you get 'Thumbnail not available' message on black screen for the ghosts

Video - Seems to be an 'unsupported' message that comes up when you click on the ghost.


This seems to happen when:

- Swapping SD cards over with different file hierarchies, even though I powered down/unmounted before removing sd's;

- Replacing SD card with same hierarchy as used before;

- Trying to create a play list, though it may well be that I had tried to include a music file that had been corrupted during the 'write to SD via USB and device on 2.0.4' process;

- The music player glitches or becomes unresponsive. When you close and open it again, you have ghosts.

-The browser becomes unresponsive. Again, when you close and open you have ghost music, photo and video files.

- Accidently copying a zip file to sd via device usb;


These problems are not experienced when the files are stored on device storage.

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Proble Purchasing

Status: Under Review



I don't know if this is the appropriate place to post this, if not please forgive me and direct me to the correct place.


I'm trying to purchase a Nook book form B&N. It is: Face to Face, Volume 1 by Kenneth Boa. However, when selecting the Nook version of this book, I am taken to Face to Face, Volume 2, which I already own. I have been unable to find a way around this.


Can anybody assist?




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I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and I also wanted to report the following bug when reading magazines.


When I have the page curl animation set to "on" and have zoomed in on a page to look at the contents once in awhile I'll notice that the "article view" button at the bottom of the page will disappear. When I zoom out of the page and turn to the next page the page curl animation will be translucent. You can solve this by closing the magazine and reopening. But of course it will do it again at a later point. I can't figure out exactly what causes this - like I said it doesn't happen 100% of the time, but I would say more like 50%.



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