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"Check Wifi Connectivity"

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A few months ago I was charging my nook but suddenly my nook went into factory reset. I lost all my books on my ereader though they are still in my account. Everywhere I take my tablet I get the same message "check wifi connectivity". On the top right of my tablet the wifi icon is now grey instead of green and under network settings it says that wifi is on.  I've used wifi in several places (friends and family) but I can't get my books back. How do I get them back?

Categories: Wi-Fi
by Wulfraed on ‎02-26-2014 07:16 AM

If it went into a factory reset it probably also unregistered. If not, try to deregister it, then reregister. You claim you've had WiFi traffic in some locations which would imply the radio functions. You may need to Forget your normal router and let it recreate that connection.

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