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wish list gone/not able to add books to wish list/gen one

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I am not able to access my wish list (which I know is under the limit) when I click the Ewish list option under shop. The option to add a book to the Ewish list does not appear when a book is selected while browsing. In the past when I have lost functions like "shop" (I wish I was kidding), I have gone into the storefront, turned my device on and off and...voila! Not this time. I did have someone verify that I had the latest download. Any help/info aporeciated. Thanks.
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by cecarow on ‎06-09-2014 11:14 PM

Sorry to comment on my own post, the device also could not automatically access bn in store wifi. I had to do it manually.

by tiredone2 June

I also can not bring up my wish list.  I rely on it to remind myself of upcoming releases.  Now when I try to bring it up on my Nook Hd tabet I only get the swirley thinking symbol for hours.  I have just let it keep going but never get the wish list.  I have turned the power on and off.  Used different wireless locations, and I have done the reset on/off.  Help.

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