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First Actual Page on Kid's Books Samples

Just throwing this to the wind:


I love my NookColor.  For an adult, the NookShop provides me with adequate information to make purchases for myself, however...


It would be REALLY helpful if all "samples" of kid's books, especially those expensive (but fun) Read To Me books, would include the actual first page of the story instead merely of the title page and possibly the publication page.


I like to preview the type/quality of illustrations and the size/amount of text per page, and the amount of text per page to get a feel if the book is appropriate for my 5 year old.  And, as someone else mentioned, it would be great to be provided the number of pages via the Nook Shop on a consistent basis.


If you buy children's books on the Nook Shop, please start reviewing them and include information about those types of things mentioned.  I will do the same so we can help one another! ;0)

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Re: First Actual Page on Kid's Books Samples

I agree.

The sample pages for most B&N books aren't very useful. Since the samples are automated, there isn't much to be done on our end. :-(


That's why I posted a small sample on my website. The sample file is basically useless. It just shows the cover image and copyright page. No help when deciding whether or not someone should buy it.



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