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Making an audio nook book

I was wondering how to do such project. I want to try to adapt a old testament or any old aesop or even grimm's tales, with such illustration of my own and do some voice over with a help of a friend or just my mel blanc voice. To one my neice and nephew.


Is this possible with the nook's advantages.


Thanks guys I appreciate the help on how to make this project possible.

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Re: Making an audio nook book

It will be possible, but isn't yet.


B&N has released the SDK for app developer's, but hasn't released the coding for creating our own enhanced ebooks.  That should be coming *soon* :smileysad:


What you can do now is sign up for the developer's program here.     You can begin reading up on the features and even download the SDK and Eclipse (what you will build the book in eventually) to get prepped. 

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