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NEW! NOOK kids for iPad release!

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We're delighted to announce the release of NOOK kids for iPad, where children's books come to life in beautiful color, from beloved classics to new favorites.  Download FREE from the App Store and get started with two FREE books; Richard Scarry's COLORS and THE ELEPHANT'S CHILD.

Download Barnes & Noble's free iPad app for kids. Hundreds of full-color kids picture books all in one place. Read stories aloud with your kids or let NOOK kids read to your kids.



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Re: NEW! NOOK kids for iPad release!

This is great for an expanded market. 


Plus, it's highly amusing that the ipad now runs 'android'.

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Re: NEW! NOOK kids for iPad release!

That is really great news. I just got an ipad for my son in law, for his birthday, and my granddaughter reads like mad. She will love it. She is never without a book and she was the one who knew exactly how to sync the ipad with itunes and the blackberry, etc. For her, it is second nature...for me it is a trial and a half! Maybe a nook is in order for her birthday!