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Nook kids books on Nook for PC

To see if my children would enjoy it, I purchased (even though it is free) "The Elephant's Child, How the Elephant Got Its Trunk" for Nook for PC.  However, I can't download it using the Nook for PC app.  Everytime I try, I get a message that says "We are experiencing technical difficulties at this time - please try again later (Download: 2082)"  What does this mean and does that mean that none of the Nook kids books that are picture books can be read on Nook for PC?  Thanks.

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC


NOOK kids digital picture books are designed especially for NOOKcolor. They feature vivid color display and rely on touch-screen to enlarge text, zoom in & pan around illustration and require speakers for the Read to Me feature.  NOOK kids books can be read on NOOKcolor and coming soon on a NOOK kids app on the iPAD.

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

soon there will be lots more kids books one they release the SDK.  Right now, nook kids books are limited to the very very few books that the devs have deamed 'worthy'


Quite frankly, I think they suck donkey balls.


I was looking for something that would blow me away and instead I got a nelly voiced voice actor doing a really bad reading in the free nookbook.I can


If they'd only release the sdk, there woudl be many more books.   And there would be books designed for the nookcolor... and not just crappy books... okay... my books may be crappry but you will buy them as they are the only other books out there.



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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

I did the same thing and got a download error #2138 on my Nook PC app.  I think it's pretty crappy that they offer this to you for your version and then it's not even avaliable to download!!

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

Same problem here I cannot download it it has

We are sorry. This item is not yet supported on this device."

that is when I try from Windows XP at B&N web site


I have a NookColor so what is up?



If I try to download from my NookColor I get a Unable to Purchase

This item has already been purchased. Please check your library


It is not in my Library on my Nook


And I cannot download it from my library on my Windows computer and B&N web site

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

Most of the children's books with pictures cannot be downladed to your PC, to Nookclassic or to the other Nook apps. They can only be downloaded directly to the NookColor, as they are not designed to work with the eink devices.


If you are not seeing the free children's books on your Nookcolor, first try hitting the sync icon in your nookcolor library. If that doesn't work, try archiving it and unarchiving it online in your "My B&N library". Then hit the sync icon in your Nookcolor library.


If that doesn't work, you will probably have to unregister and reregister your Nookcolor.

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

I initially had the same problem as you.  I ended up calling customer service and they were very helpful.   They suggested as Laurie did to first turn my Nook off and then on.  That didn't work so then they had me unregister and reregister.  This did the trick and was well worth it!!!  My 5 year old loves the read to me books!!!  If you have continued to have problems be sure to call customer service.  It may take a little time just like when you need tech help with your computer but you will be glad you took the time to figure it out!



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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

We have a steady audience for our children's book If I Were Your Monster, a read-aloud bedtime story. So far we haven't had any complaints but I haven't seen it on PC yet. We are working on a couple more, os if anyone has problems, please let us know so i can tell our designer.





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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

What about other Android devices.  NookColor is Android driver, correct?  So why is Nook Kids an app for only Ipad?  My Android phone and Tablet can do the same as the ipad.

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

I believe that some of the books can only be viewed by the nook color.  I'm not sure about the elephant book, however there is a place on the screen that will say what it will download to.  side note:  my kids like the nookcolor, 3,7 and 12.  (all boys and not big readers)  good luck

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Re: Nook kids books on Nook for PC

If you have an IPad you can download children's books with an IPad app "nook kids for IPad app" It works very well.