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Question on Nook Kids Ap?

I have never used Nook Kids - nor have I used any nook ap on the ipad (we don't even have one yet, but considering it). anyway, does nook kids only download the enhanced childrens books? Is there a separate ap for regular nook books? What about kids books that are not the "enhanced" versions. I guess I'm wondering WHAT would download to Nook Kids vs. the regular nook ap? And is it best to use one device and/or bn account for downloading books for my 7-year old son and another for myself? Or what is the best way to manage this? Thanks. Berit
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Re: Question on Nook Kids Ap?

I'm not much help but, regular ebooks just download to nook. Enhanced need the app.
Independent ebooks through Pubit can only be regular books. There can be pictures, but no bells or whistles. I hope this helps in some way.