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children's ebooks

So , my 11years old doesn't like to read much, but once he gets a book that he likes he doesn't stop until he finish the series. To get him to read more we got him a nook tablet, he likes technology a lot. His 6 grade teacher runs a reading program that students must read 50 books to get reading points. The teacher provides for 25 titles and authors that they must read along with writing a summary of each book, along the titles is Shel Silverstein yet I cannot seem to find e books from him, anyone knows why? Can anyone give me any suggestion for him. After they read the first 25, students can pick the other 25 books. Thank for any suggestions ~Z
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Re: children's ebooks

Unfortunately, it appears that the only eBooks available are bootlegs available on some really iffy sites. Also with the amount of hard bounds Silverstein has available, I would guess he just changed publishers. That could be the reason for no eBooks at this time. But I am just speculating on this.
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Re: children's ebooks

Shel Silverstein's books may be caught in the same sort of legal limbo as many other recently deceased authors (Salinger is one example).  The original publishing contracts do not cover electronic publishing, but if his estate is still in probate, and that can take years, there is nobody with the authority to sign a new contract.


My favorite book as a child was one of his first, much lesser-known children's works:


Uncle Shelby's Story of Lafcadio, The Lion Who Shot Back

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Re: children's ebooks

Try the "How to Train Your Dragon" series by Cassandra Criswell. My 10 year old can't get enough of them ( and the 10th is coming out soon). Not like the movie, but funny/boy humor type of stuff. Good luck.
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Re: children's ebooks

I've launched a new Bible Camp Mystery series for 10 to 14 year olds. The first one now is available in the Barnes and Noble Store. The second one and possibly third are expected laster his year. You can find it here:

It was written with boys in mind...