Hey All,


We have discovered an issue blocking automatic gmail account creation on HD devices in 2.0.6.


Our devs are working on a fix, but a workaround can be performed by doing the following:



  • Open Email app and type in proper fields (email & password) to add gmail account *At this point email auto-creation is failing
  • Dismiss error message and tap 'Manual setup' button
  • Select IMAP option
  • On Incoming server settings page tap on the 'Security type' field and select SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates); the Port field should update to 993
  • Tap 'Next' button
  • On the Outgoing server settings page tap on"Security type field and select SSL/TLS(Accept all certificates), the Port field should update to 465
  • Tap 'Next' button and you will be directed to the Account option page; select desired options and tap 'Next' button
  • Add account name and proceed; gmail account will be added to device.


- Alex