What is Idea Exchange?

Idea Exchange is a new part of the NOOK Community where community members can share ideas about new or existing NOOK products and services. This is your chance to tell us what you want to see here at NOOK, share your thoughts with others, and comment/vote on ideas and suggestions others have submitted as well.


Sounds Cool. Where can I find Idea Exchange?

Click here to go to Idea Exchange.



What NOOK Products and Services can I leave ideas for?

We’ve divided up NOOK's different products and services into categories to help keep everything organized. You can choose one of the following for your ideas:



For any and all ideas relating to billing


For ideas about our interactive portal and account management site, MyNOOK.com


For ideas about our NOOK HD/HD+

NOOK Simple Touch & Glowlight

For ideas about NOOK Simple Touch & Glowlight

NOOK Clients

For ideas about NOOK for Android, NOOK for iOS, NOOK study, etc

Multimedia (Apps, Movies and Reading )

For ideas about multimedia products such as NOOK Apps, NOOK Video, NOOK Kids


Service and Support

For ideas about NOOK.com/support, Chat Support, 1-800-THE-BOOK, and other support related services

NOOK Community

For ideas about the Community Forums, Blogs or Idea Exchange

Website (NOOK.com & BN.com)

For ideas about BN.com & NOOK.com  

New Product Ideas

For ideas about products and services we currently don’t offer or that don’t fit into one of the categories above.


Are B&N/NOOK really listening to my ideas?

Absolutely! One of the great things about Idea Exchange is that you can track the status of your ideas- as your ideas are sent to the people here at B&N/NOOK who can make them happen, you’ll see the status of your idea is updated. We’ll be telling you if the idea is something we are working on now or would like to do in the future, or if it’s something that is not feasible for us at this time. Rest assured- we’re listening to you!


What do the different Idea Statuses mean?

New Idea

Idea has been submitted to the Idea Exchange.

Under Review

Idea has been forwarded to appropriate business team who is determining feasibility.


Idea has been successfully submitted and is appropriate for the idea exchange (proper category assigned…etc).


Idea or one in similar scope has already been submitted to the Idea Exchange and acknowledged. 

Clarification Needed

Idea has the potential to move to another status but more details/information is needed by the idea poster.


Idea has been accepted as a new business case or as an addition to an existing one.

Not Likely

Idea will not be implemented because of business or technical reasons.

Maybe Later

Idea is a good one but not something we can include in a near-term product or software release.

In Progress

Idea has been accepted and is currently in development.


The idea has been fully developed or produced and is now active/available.

Already Exists

B&N/NOOK agreed that it was a good idea and it is already part of an existing service or product.


What do the votes mean?

Just as you can give kudos in the community forums and blogs, you can vote for ideas you like on the Idea Exchange. Ideas with high vote totals are more likely to be recognized and accepted by the teams at B&N who develop our products and services. You can also leave comments on ideas, but remember to be kind!


Why was my idea removed or rejected?

Some Ideas are just not feasible for our business, and will be marked with a status of “Not Likely”. Posts to Idea Exchange will be removed if the post does not contain an idea or violates our Terms of Service.