Hi Everyone,


Today our NOOK Issue Exchange was reactivated. Updated with new statuses and better tracking.


This will not replace our current support forums and ultimately will serve as a better conduit of feedback between yourselves and our development team.


With that said, a few things you can expect:


  • Better transparency in relation to your concerns and our developers.
  • Weekly updates/comments on reported issues.


There may be instances where an update may not be given initially, rest assured everything is being received and followed up on. However, the absolute BEST way to ensure an issue isn't missed or overlooked is to make it easily visible to us all. Please make your voice heard via the built in Kudo system.


Thank you all for your help and continued support.


- Alex


Me Too

You'll notice a new feature in our Forums and Q&A areas - Me Too.

Me Too is a little like Kudos in that you're voting on a post, but the usecase is a little different here.

Have you ever read a post and thought, "yeah, I have that same question" or "I am seeing that too" but voting never really seemed appropriate.

'Me Too' is designed as a fast way for you to say, well exactly that.. 'ME TOO'

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