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Older issues of Magazines

I've been trying to find the answer to this question, but haven't yet.  I like the Food Network Magazine and have subscribed for years.  I keep every issue because I like to refer back to them when I want to try new recipes.  If I switch my subscription to Nook, will I still be able to go back to older issues to review?  Are they deleted after a certain amount of time?  Do they get archived, and if so, can they still be accessed?  



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Re: Older issues of Magazines

I don't believe you can 'go back' to issues older than when you initially subscribed.  As far as going forward - magazines and newspapers are typically saved by B&N for 1 year or 10 issues, whichever comes first.  Then they are automatically deleted from your account.


HOWEVER, if you archive a particular issue, it takes it out of this auto-delete queue and it will be saved forever (or, at least, as long as B&N exists), even if you then unarchive it later on to view it again.  You can do this for every issue.  

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Re: Older issues of Magazines

Ugh. I didn't realise this was happening, and now old issues of magazines I purchased - and that I wanted to keep! - are gone. Is there any way to get them back? :smileysad:
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Re: Older issues of Magazines

Contact Support at
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Re: Older issues of Magazines

Thanks for the clarification! I spent three hours at our local B&N with the customer service associate waiting on hold to get my magazines figured out. I was only able to get one back. They didn't know what happened. I['ll call on my own and see if I can get results.


I upgraded to HD+ from NC and my old issues disappeared. I didn't realize that they automatically deleted them. I am missing December 2011 to July 2012 (which aren't a year old yet!) of Popular Photography and I want them back!


If I archive them then redownload them later, will they still "see them" as active and delete after a certain time or will I have to unarchive then re archive them once I'm done with them? I guess I feel if I purchased them, I should decided what to do with them. :smileyhappy:

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Re: Older issues of Magazines

I personally find this extremely annoying.  I also find that every month when I get a new issue (I subscribe to Analog and Asimov's) everything older than 6 months or so gets archived.  I assume that if I did nothing they would eventually get deleted entirely.  So I must go through and unarchive my entire collection every month.


When I was subscribing to paper copies, I had 15 years worth saved, despite Mrs. Mac's unhappiness with the clutter.  Why would I want to purge electronic copies which don't take up any space?