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Bye-bye B&N!

I no longer have any confidence in B&N, that the files they are presenting to Nook users are properly formatted and not corrupted. The online previewer - even at the PubIt site - displays my EPUB files differently than does Nook for PC. On Nook for PC they are perfect. With the online Previewer, they appear with spaces between paragraphs and the Table of Contents does not work properly.


I want to spend my time writing, not wrestling with B&N buggy software. The Nook Press fiasco simply drives the nail in the coffin.


Bye-bye B&N! I am withdrawing my book, and won't be publishing any more on this platform.


Hello, CreateSpace and KDP . . .

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Re: Bye-bye B&N!

Hate to say it... but KDP isn't much better.
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Re: Bye-bye B&N!

Use Smashwords then and let them distribute your book via B&N. Smashwords is very good about dealing with issues. At least I have found them to be. But never limit your market.