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Foreign language formatting issue

In my book, my character uses a Russian term of endearment toward another character. On the Kindle, it comes through perfectly. On Nook, it comes out ?????????. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Re: Foreign language formatting issue

:smileyindifferent: You know this because you sideloaded it onto an actual device or because you used the PC version? It makes a difference.


Also, you might want to check the epub coding to make sure its correct.

If you uploaded a word doc, you'll want to make sure you upload a 97-03 saved doc as it plays nicer with Pubit's uploading software and doesn't input extra useless coding that you don't need. But to get the perfect book, you should upload a verified epub to Pubit that way you'll always know your book will look the way you want it to.


Hope this helps :smileyhappy: