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How long does it take..

I have only used Pubit for publishing on B&N and never had a problem. I published my new book this weekend with Nook Press and it does not show the cover image - in spite of the fact I keep going back and adding the cover -- it says it is accepted, but if you ck later it is gone.The directions it gives for adding a cover image is EXACTLY what I did (many times) --- but they say no where how long to expect it to show up, and by the messages they send, I should be seeing it.


I also corrected the TOC using Nook Press and I updated the edited version -- it says the new version is for sale, but when I look at the preveiw, it is still screwed up.


How long does this take for the changes to show up?? I went through all the FAQ on Nook Press and could find nothing about this.





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Re: How long does it take..

I'm having the same problem with the cover. I'm thinking it's a glitch in their system. Who knows how long it'll take to resolve. I'm going to try to chat with a rep, but from the past posts I've seen on here about how helpful they are, I doubt that'll do anything.

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Re: How long does it take..

My cover image will not update. Not sure what the problem is with that. I've so had it with Nook Press I'm about ready to pull my books altogether with their lack of response and problems.