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NOOK Press Update

You may have noticed some updates to NOOK Press as we continue to improve your self-publishing experience! Here's what we've been working on lately:

* Simple NOOK Book Details Updates -- Now you can click "Post Changes" at the bottom of each NOOK Book Details sub-section

* Ready to Publish? -- The Vendor Account page has been redesigned for an even smoother account creation process

* Stay in the Know -- Check out the "News" tab for all the latest updates on NOOK Press

Happy Publishing!

The NOOK Press Team

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Re: NOOK Press Update

At this time, I don't really care about bells, and I don't care about whistles. My question is about bugs--is anyone on the B&N Programming Team actually trying to fix the problems in the software that you've already put out?




Yeah, that's what I figured.

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Re: NOOK Press Update

Explain why for some of us, sales have suddenly plunged since this new program.

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Re: NOOK Press Update



I've noticed no changes in sales since the change over to Nook Press but apparently some have an attribute it to the system so I was thinking - I imagine that Nook Press is just a front end to the system and that there is a back end that handles all the sales. (Assuming this is the case): When you changed to Nook Press did the back end that records the sales change too or is Nook Press reading sales from the same system that has always been in place?