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THEY'VE DONE IT!!! They are killing Pubit

Did all of you see the notice on the top of Pubit? They are officially closing down Pubit TOMORROW! No real warning, nothing. All we are left with is a program that corrupts our files.


It's time to start apologizing to your customers before they buy the books. If you had a reputation for high quality, there is a good chance that it won't stay. This isn't going to be pretty.


Let's see what this does to the return stats.

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Re: THEY'VE DONE IT!!! They are killing Pubit

I'm considering withdrawing all my books. If somebody wants uncorrupted EPUBs, there's always iBookstore and Kobo.

In a related story, B&N has announced that at their brick-and-mortar stores, cashiers will begin spraying books with cat urine before handing them to the customer.